Spring, Sprang, Sprung

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Artist of the Year

I hope everyone has found some time dip into their creativity these days.

I meant to post this months ago, but having my love children around more has distracted me a little from keeping up with posting on my blog. Also, blogging was never my favorite thing to do, but seo. I think this could be a blog worthy post.

Back in April, amidst the corona time craziness, I submitted an image to a photo community that I am apart of. Thankfully, my girls were willing subjects and allowed me indulge in my creativity at home. We created the photos below just days before. When I heard that the image theme was spring, all the stars aligned and I knew I had to enter.

I must add that this community, Unraveled Academy, is loaded with the most talented photographers I have ever come across. So, you can imagine my complete surprise when my photo was chosen to be a part of the Artist of the Year program. If you are a photographer reading this, I highly recommend the Unraveled Academy!! I have learned so much this past year and the education just keeps coming. The inspiration is endless.

Scroll down to see some of my favorite photos as well as my featured photo.